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Capitaine Cinemaxx hosts the film director Gilles de Maistre, for the release of his latest movie, Mia and the White Lion. Interview + Quizz.
A touching movie, with a deep ecological message, featuring the young Mia, 11 years old, who forms an extraordinary friendship with a young white lion cub. For three years, the two of them develop a close relationship, until the day her father decides to sell the lion to trophy hunters.

My review of Mia and the White Lion :

Xavier Fagnon honors us with a short interview, to talk about his job and the movie Aquaman, in which he lent his voice to the main actor, Jason Momoa. Then follows a small Marin Quizz, quite pleasant:
– Ride a shark or a manta ray?
– Moby Dick or Jaws?
– The Raft of the Medusa or The Ninth Wave?

My review of Aquaman :

How is a trailer created? Who places the order? How many people work on a trailer? What are the complexities of the job? Are trailers destined to change format in the years to come? Sonia from Sonia Tout Court answers all of our questions. REPORTAGE

On the occasion of the upcoming release of the new comedy by Jean-Paul Rouve, Lola et ses frères, Capitaine Cinemaxx was able to meet the film director and the actors, Ludivine Sagnier and José Garcia. Reportage.

My review of Lola et ses frères :

Interview with the film director David Oelhoffen to discuss his new movie, Frères Ennemis. Construction of the script, anecdotes from the shoot, choice of the cast, you will know everything (or almost) about David Oelhoffen’s latest production, with Matthias Schoenaerts and Reda Kateb. Sorry for the sound quality, the recording was done by Skype. I hope it won’t bother anyone listening to it.

My review of Frères Ennemis :

Interview with the actor Pierre Niney and the film director, Frédéric Tellier, during their visit to La Rochelle, where they came to present their next movie, Sauver ou Périr.

My review of Sauver ou Périr :

On the occasion of Gilles Perret’s visit to the Apollo Ciné 8 in Rochefort, Capitaine Cinemaxx had the chance to speak with the film director of Insoumis. A documentary that traces the journey of the candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the 2016 presidential election. Here, no politics, we talk about cinema and how to build a documentary on a politician.

Report on the special effects of Just a Breath Away, with Bruno Maillard, VFX supervisor.

My review of Just a Breath Away :